9th Annual Kiwanis Idol auditions done, Top 20 to be announced soon

This past Sunday marked the deadline to enter the 9th Annual Kiwanis Idol competition in the National Capital Region.  Contestants between the ages of 13 and 21 came out to perform their two best songs, one a capella and one with accompaniment, in front of a panel of three judges.

“Everyone has done a superb job today. Just getting up on stage in front of a crowd is an accomplishment in itself, especially for those who have never performed before,” explained one of Sunday’s judges, Nadia Zaid,  owner of a local music school and teacher who specializes in piano and vocal training.

The Kiwanis club hosted this year’s auditions at Merivale Mall. Four rounds of tryouts were held over one weekend in late July and again on August 11 and 12. Over a hundred hopefuls came out vying for a spot in the Top 20 that will be selected to move on to the next round.  Each day, tryouts lasted  from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

With the last round of auditions coming to a close, the judges have the tough task of selecting the best ones for the Kiwanis Top 20 Showcase, performed live at the Place d’Orléans Shopping Centre on August 25.

Kiwanis Idol judging panel, (from left to right) Nadia Zaid, Jenna Taggart and Diana Lynn Kyd.

The Showcase, which will not be judged or scored,  gives contestants an opportunity to sing a new set of songs in front of a live audience before the next round of the competition begins.

The top 20 finalists will return to the stage once more at the Orleans shopping centre on September 1, 2012,  to narrow the field down to the Top 10. Those who make the cut will have one last chance to perform, on September 2, before they crown the winner.

For more information on Idol and all the latest updates, check out  www.kiwanisidol.org.

The Top 20 is scheduled to be announced shortly, according to organizer Eldon Fox’s Facebook page. Good luck to all those who auditioned!